ESST provides valuable service to several markets. We tirelessly work with our customers to design a purpose-built system comprising of alarm monitoring, facility access control, and video surveillance. The latest technology is utilized to provide our customers with a security approach custom tailored to their business needs. See below some more specific ways we benefit the various vertical markets we service.



The energy sector directly benefits from the design and support of security systems. Energy is a cornerstone of critical infrastructures and our team has the experience needed to address these unique needs such as terrorism and theft prevention, OSHA and training-compliance, liablility determination and verification, and others. We provide special systems for remote sites allowing for alarm dispatch to rural areas as well as fully integrated systems for heavy-industrial sites.



ESST began its focus on the education market and it has been our cornerstone ever since. With extensive knowledge and experience in the K-12 and higher education systems, we offer valuable insight into the needs of schools and design of those systems. When parents send their children to school, they should have peace of mind that their children are safe, secure, and being cared for. Our expertise allows ESST to design and provide solutions while working with school districts to make this possible.



Access control, emergency, and video surveillance systems are all assets to the management of a healthcare facility. Verify compliance with HIPPA standards by relying on our knowledge of healthcare facilities' unique needs. Maintain video records of incidents, use real video to train staff, and ensure secure entry to high-priority areas. Our team has extensive hospital knowledge and experience in firestopping, dust buggies, ER/OR-area scheduling, hospital regulations, etc.


Municipal and Private Sector

Municipal and private sector customer share similar concerns in securing the workspace and ensuring their facilities are safe enviroments for their employees and customers. In addition to these important needs, ESST can show the private sector other beneficial ways to utilize surveillance. These include traffic footprinting and management, training compliance, liability determination and verification, marketing assistance, and many others.


The safest place in the world for you and your family should be your home. ESST takes great pride in designing, installing, and servicing the important systems to accomplish this. With ESST on your team, you may sleep peacefully at night knowing your family is protected. Video surveillance, instrusion detection, secure entry and voice-activated panic systems are all part of what we offer to ensure your family, home, and property are protected.